Progressive Web App

The Mind and Flex clinic app was created on our app builder platform and the owner focused on a progressive web app. The business aim of the web is to provide clients with healthy and holistic hacks to stay healthy with videos.  The PWA was a cost-effective solution for this up-coming start-up in London.  The app is perfect for those clients always on the move who require quick access to services and information, as well as securing a place on the home screen making it brand known.  Again with PWA’s there is No app stores or downloading required.  See the advantages of PWA.

The Mind and Flex App provides:

  • Access to FREE Videos
  • Healthy Tips and Tricks
  • Stay Up-To-Date
  • Group Classes
  • Special Offers
  • & More…
Clinic App
   Clinic Web App


See how the Mind and Flex Clinic website promote their app.  Visit Mind and Flex Clinic.


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