Progressive Web App

App created by Mind and Flex Clinic in London

The Mind and Flex clinic app was created on our app builder platform and the owner focused on a progressive web app. The business aim of the web is to provide clients with healthy and holistic hacks to stay healthy … Read More

Web apps are only getting better

Microsoft made a big splash in February with its support for Progressive Web Apps on Windows. But did you know iOS quietly added support for PWAs to Safari in the 11.3 update? That means you can now make a Progressive Web App … Read More

Facts about PWA’s

  Think about how quickly some of your favourite apps  (Facebook, Instagram or BBC news) load on your mobile phone. A world of information is available almost instantly with just one tap. Now think about that experience when a customer wants to … Read More

Why Progressive Web Apps Will Replace Native Mobile Apps

The need for businesses to target customers on mobile devices is well-established at this point. The question is no longer if they should do it but how. A business that wants to appeal to mobile-based customers has three choices: build a responsive website, … Read More

Progressive web apps are the future of mobile

Mobile technology has evolved over time as it tends to do.  It began with mobile-friendly websites several years ago, however, they these really didn’t do much besides having a “call us” button and were not able to adapt to every screen size. … Read More